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Vehicle Monitoring

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Omni-Response offers state-of-the-art vehicle tracking and telemetry integration. Our solutions provide users with the ability to monitor and control vehicles from a single dashboard while receiving detailed metrics and alerts for each vehicle. This includes video monitoring to allow users to see what’s happening in real-time.

What Makes Our Technology Unique?

Omni-Response offers the most comprehensive vehicle monitoring solution on the market. In addition to GPS tracking, our technology provides in-depth reporting on the status for each vehicle. This includes metrics such as speed, torque, RPM, engine hours, seat belt status, idle time, and much more. Having these unique insights available on each vehicle can help save a substantial cost and protect a company against certain liabilities.

Vehicle monitoring dashboardIn addition to reporting metrics, our technology provides cutting-edge video monitoring solutions so users can view a vehicle’s status in real-time from a control room. This is unique from virtually any existing vehicle monitoring solution on the market.

These reports and monitoring solutions can be integrated into a single dashboard. This technology is compatible with various devices such as smartphones.

Vehicle Disablement Technology

Unauthorized vehicle use is an issue for agencies throughout the country, posing risks to both officers and the citizens they serve. Emergency vehicles are especially vulnerable due to the regular ingress and egress of personnel and the fact that these vehicles are usually left running for the duration of their shift in order to operate radios and electronic equipment. Currently for most departments, direct intervention by officers in the field is required to terminate unauthorized vehicle use. These types of interventions have the potential to cause harm not only to the responding officers, but the general public as well.

At Omni-Response, we have developed sophisticated vehicle integration technologies that work to mitigate and prevent these risks. Our vehicle disablement technology allows those in charge of emergency vehicle fleets to quickly and safely disable a stolen emergency vehicle remotely regardless of its location. This unique technology is a tremendous aid to police dispatch, by not only allowing them to shut down a vehicle at the touch of a button, but also to allow monitoring of the vehicles location and telemetry data. With the Omni-Response suite of safety solutions, you have complete control over your emergency vehicle fleet, improving safety and accountability.

Remote disablement, vehicle weight, maintenance, diagnostics & dash camera.


  • Plug & play machine to machine monitoring
  • Remote vehicle disable
  • Weight check system
  • Remote engine troubleshooting
  • Live dash camera
  • Customized route & dispatch optimization

Vehicle Monitoring

  • Location
  • Speed, Torque & RPM
  • Oil pressure & coolant temperature
  • Faults
  • Odometer & engine hours
  • VIN number
  • Seat belt, if fastened
  • Total idle fuel/hours & fuel level
  • Emergency lights


  • Speeding
  • Harsh acceleration/deceleration
  • Harsh cornering
  • Out of geofence
  • Engine fault


  • Ignition on
  • Run time
  • Driver reports (speeding, harsh turn, seatbelt, etc)