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Personnel Monitoring System

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Personnel Safety Monitoring & Location Tracking

In today’s security and law enforcement world, keeping track of personnel is critical to public safety and security operations. The Omni-Response platform offers personnel monitoring solutions that provide important information to decision makers, giving them the ability to keep track of the location and status of their personnel. This helps commanders, supervisors and security officials understand changing situations and coordinate resources properly to ensure the most effective response possible.

The popularity of personnel tracking and monitoring systems is in large part due to an increased focus on crisis response management by law enforcement agencies with limited staffing and resources. It also allows for security personnel to better coordinate their efforts when patrolling and guarding military facilities and sensitive locations where expedient and strategic response to threats may be required.

In addition to its law enforcement and security applications, personnel monitoring is useful for enterprise level businesses. The information provided by our system helps these businesses in managing routes, routines and workflow to ensure efficiency and optimal resource utilization. It has become quite popular when used in combination with our asset monitoring systems, which seamlessly integrate into one common operational platform.


There are many personnel monitoring systems on the market today that provide basic monitoring and tracking functions. However, integration of these systems with other security API inputs into a singular platform has generally been difficult due to the technical compatibility issues. Omni-Response’s platform alleviates this issue by not only providing integrated personnel tracking and monitoring features, but also by integrating a wide range of third party APIs into one platform that can function as a centralized command structure.

Mobile App Functionality

Different displays showing the omni dashboard on mobile devices, along with the watch body monitoring device
  • Panic button (Manually activated through phone with voice activation coming soon)
  • Body camera
  • Gunshot detection (see below for detailed capabilities)
  • Live or recorded video
  • Physical orientation
  • Man down detection
  • Bluetooth connected sensors and communications
  • Location indoor and outdoor
  • Mobile to mobile to portal messaging
  • Radiological detection
  • Alerts
  • Impact detection (physical attack detection)
  • 2-way radio mesh capabilities
  • Wearables and biometric interface

Gunshot Sound Detection

  • Internal/external gunshot sound detection
  • Immediate notification of location, number of shots, rate of fire, distinguish between light and heavy caliber rounds to Police/Security
  • Immediate notification to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to enhance coordinated response