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Medical Telemetry Solutions

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Healthcare Telemetry Systems Integration

Healthcare is a continually growing field with an ever increasing level of logistical and technical complexity. Having the ability to actively monitor patients, hospital personnel and assets in real time through medical telemetry is becoming an increasingly important capability for decision makers and hospital management. There are multiple well established systems on the market that allow for specific monitoring capabilities; However few options exist for the integration of all these different systems into a single dashboard.

Omni-Response offers an industry leading medical telemetry system that provides real time monitoring capabilities to healthcare professionals. This system integrates seamlessly with Omni’s one common operational platform which also accommodates a wide array of other Omni systems such as asset and personnel monitoring. In addition, our platform can also integrate third party API, creating a seamless all in one dashboard.

Hospital Telemetry Systems & Patient Monitoring

As mentioned previously, medical telemetry and monitoring systems for hospitals have become critical for maintaining quality patient care and improving efficiency. Omni’s hospital telemetry systems provide a number of different monitoring capabilities, such as patient monitoring, medical alert monitoring, personnel monitoring and asset tracking. This combined with third party API integration creates the most comprehensive monitoring and tracking platform available to healthcare professionals today. Our patient monitoring system draws data from a number of different sources. Wearables provide a wide range of data to the dashboard such as oxygen levels, heart rate monitoring, body temperature and EKG readings, in addition to physical location tracking. We also offer a phone app which not only acts as a secondary source of tracking for a patient’s location but also provides a panic button interface, impact detection, geofencing, the integration of bluetooth sensors, and quarantine compliance tracking. Third party hospital equipment telemetry can also be integrated into our patient monitoring system thanks to our seamless integration of outside APIs.

An illustration showing Omni's medical telemetry systems integration capablities in a medical environment

To compliment and improve the effectiveness of overall medical monitoring capabilities, Omni offers personnel and asset monitoring and tracking systems that provide a wide range of information to decision makers. Personnel monitoring is especially useful for medical crisis management, allowing healthcare administrators to monitor the location and status of medical staff in real time regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors. In addition to this, our asset monitoring capabilities give administrators the ability to keep track of critical medical equipment and assets to coordinate its use with personnel to ensure maximum healthcare response effectiveness and efficiency.