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Drone Detection and Mitigation

Drone detection software dashboard, clearly showing a detection map around a facuility using omni software Drone detection and mitigation is a top priority for US Border Protection, Federal Law Enforcement, Event Security, Airport Authorities, Utilities and Oil & Gas companies. Rogue and unauthorized drones and UAVs are an increasingly large issue, requiring comprehensive countermeasures. Omni-Response offers a unique integration solution which provides security professionals and law enforcement with the requisite tools to deal with this increasing threat.

Omni-Response (Omni) has developed a comprehensive solution for the integration of existing C-UAS systems and devices to a common operational platform (COP). The solution couples UAS location detection/mitigation with personnel/vehicle location monitoring, all of which is reported on the Omni COP. This user-friendly solution is designed into a phone application, as well as a desktop web-interface that can be networked over existing infrastructure currently used by a customer. The solution provides complete situational awareness to allow for the most efficient incident response, encompassing all of a customer’s assets. Omni is also fully integrated with the Android Tactical Awareness Kit (“ATAK”), which provides for sensory technology compatibility with DoD required situational awareness. As Omni-Response is an ATAK Developer, it can also integrate other technologies to ATAK.

Omni-Response has successfully integrated a number of cUAS detection and mitigation devices onto its common operational platform, providing Command and Control visibility to multiple detection devices. The solution acts as a “Force Multiplier” as it frees up personnel who would otherwise be monitoring each device downrange. The COP is also mobile and can provide for the same detection and mitigation capabilities from a tablet or hand-held device.

As part of its integration with UAS detection and mitigation device manufacturers, Omni-Response also provides a Graphic User Interface (GUI) for a rules-based mitigation methodology. The GUI is prompt-driven and allows authorized users to author mitigation plans (to include landing areas, hovering height, etc.) to conform with established protocols. Authorized users could create area-specific mitigation plans to take into account unique geographical and topographical factors. The Omni-Response GUI is user-friendly and completely customizable to the needs of the customer.

Omni-Response further provides for the mitigation of multiple drones. Omni-Response can coordinate multiple devices to mitigate simultaneously while providing status for the multiple mitigations and still allow for a queue of the mitigations to follow.

The Omni-Response solution can provide personnel and vehicle location/status monitoring in concert with its C-UAS capabilities. Command and Control has awareness of all assets in relation to the detection of drones in a specific area. This situational awareness is critical and provides for the most efficient dispatch of personnel and vehicle assets for the safe capture of an unauthorized UAS. Omni-Response is the only solution which provides for the visibility of UAS along with monitored personnel and vehicles in one COP. This feature is vital to the efficient disposition of unauthorized drone activity and provides for a comprehensive solution for dealing with the UAS threat.

Countermeasures and Mitigation

Once a rogue or unauthorized drone has been detected in restricted airspace and deemed a security threat, the Omni platform operator can then use the dashboard to deploy countermeasures. This seamless transition from detection and monitoring to mitigation all on the same platform is uncommon in the drone security market and is one of the biggest advantages of the Omni-Response platform.

In order to mitigate the threat from an unauthorized UAV or drone, the aircraft must be prevented from reaching sensitive or important areas. Our technology intercepts the RF frequency of the drone and takes control of the aircraft from the drone pilot. Once the drone is under the control of the Omni platform, it is then safely landed in a non-sensitive area for proper inspection and handling by ground teams.

Popular Applications

Omni-Response drone detection and mitigation systems are widely used throughout the world as part of our one common operational platform. Our platform integrates multiple APIs seamlessly into a straightforward and easy to use dashboard providing complete security and risk assessment information to security and law enforcement operators.

This gives the Omni system a significant edge over most other drone detection and mitigation systems, which normally require a separate platform and user interface in addition to other security platforms that may be operated by the same user. Because of this tremendous advantage in both simplicity and user friendliness, Omni-Response is in high demand with airport security services, as well as sports arenas, large public venues and municipalities across the world.

Our seamless integration with ATAK has also drawn favorable attention from multiple agencies throughout the U.S. Government. Drone detection and mitigation has become an important focus and security concern for agencies and military branches looking for base and facility security solutions. ATAK integration is quickly becoming a requirement for law enforcement, fire and EMS operators throughout the country, and Omni-Response’s platform allows for a painless and straightforward integration into the ATAK network.