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Building Monitoring System

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Facility Management Technology

Building monitoring dashboard showing on both a computer desktop format and a mobile platform with building floor layouts and room controls visable

Security professionals today face numerous and ever increasing challenges in keeping buildings safe and secure from threats and risk. One of the most important aspects of building security is the use of monitoring systems that provide decision makers with a complete overview of a facility, as well as a breakdown of the statuses of different areas or sectors thereof. Building monitoring systems have been popular for quite some time, however integration of these systems with other third party APIs has historically been a struggle for most security operations.

Omni-Response offers a straightforward and effective building monitoring solution that provides a complete host of capabilities that give security professionals the tools they need to keep their facilities secure. Unlike other competitors, our building monitoring system integrates seamlessly with Omni’s one common operational platform. This provides comprehensive security and monitoring capabilities by integrating multiple API inputs into a powerful and user friendly dashboard, giving decision makers and security operators critical information they need.


One of the unique benefits of using our building monitoring system is integration into our all in one dashboard. This allows security professionals to combine multiple types of data and inputs from other APIs all at once, providing complete situational awareness.

The coordination of personnel, asset and threat monitoring devices such as radiological monitors, drone detection and gunshot detection devices gives decision makers the ability to appropriately and efficiently coordinate resources to ensure the most effective response to crisis events.

  • Independent LTE/CDMA modem
  • Bluetooth sensor connectivity
  • Isolated cellular backed WIFI Network
  • Passive phone application connectivity
  • Indoor/outdoor building monitoring
  • Employee monitoring & location
  • Smoke detection & alerts
  • Window & door open/closed alerts
  • Entry authorization (Kyocera Phone)
  • HVAC Monitoring & Control
  • Door barricade lockdown system integration
  • Passive/active asset location
  • Indoor/outdoor shot detection systems
  • Surveillance camera integration
  • Light, temperature, humidity sensing
  • Dangerous gas & radiological detection
  • Biometric & NFC building access
  • Option for immediate notification to state & local law enforcement agencies to enhance coordinated response