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Active Shooter

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Omni-Response Active Shooter Solution

The Omni-Response Active Shooter Solution combines Omni-Response’s patented gunshot sound detection capabilities with the most comprehensive situational awareness platform available in the marketplace. The Omni-Response is designed to immediately detect gun-shots in the relevant area on “edge compute” devices (Android smart phones and tablets). Alerts are immediately transmitted to the Omni Platform and all relevant law enforcement and school personnel. The Omni-Response system provides for prompt location of the source of the gun shots as well as the activation of live video of the area surrounding the event. Knowledge of the location of the gun shot, coupled with the location of responders in relation to the shooter, live video from devices and surveillance cameras, provides first responders with complete situational awareness and eliminates the fog of chaos in the execution of response to these events.

Omni-Response’s gun shot detection capability leverages Android smart phone and tablet sensory and cameras for immediate “edge processing” and alerting to the Omni-Response Platform. This capability is unique as it does not rely on “post processing” or confirmation of a muzzle flash from expensive infrared cameras.

The Omni-Response Platform, vetted and deployed by U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), provides situational awareness on fixed and mobile devices. The Omni-Response Platform displays location of the gun shot and live video from devices and cameras thereafter activated throughout a building/campus, to provide real-time, actionable intelligence for first responders. The Omni-Response Platform is customizable as to alerting and is available to Administration, Supervisory Staff, Security Officers, First Responders, and other personnel considered vital for appropriate response to an Active Shooter event.

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Active shooter image
Active shooter image