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Stadium Security

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Stadium Security

Security at public venues has become incredibly important for building managers, security coordinators and decision makers throughout the sports and entertainment industry. Unfortunately the number of threats and risks of violent acts in public places have been increasing in recent years, requiring improvements in security infrastructure, tactics and technology in order to stay ahead.

Most security monitoring and threat mitigation systems available today are standalone systems that do not integrate with each other and require individual management by multiple personeel. This takes up a considerable amount of resources and creates inefficiencies in response time and coordination due to having to manage multiple dashboards at once. There is considerable demand for the streamlining of security systems to reduce these inefficiencies and improve response times.

Omni-Response Stadium Monitoring & Security Solutions

Omni-Response offers comprehensive security monitoring and mitigation systems particularly suited for stadium and public venue security. Our systems cover a wide range of different areas, such as drone detection and mitigation, personnel management and building monitoring. While these capabilities on their own are powerful and useful for security operations, they are further improved by the unique integration capabilities of Omni’s one common operational platform.

This platform gives security operators the ability to monitor and control all of Omni’s systems as well as API from third party systems into one centralized dashboard improving efficiency, simplifying ease of use and decreasing response time to threats and crisis. An additional benefit of this all in one platform is the reduction in personnel required to operate it, which means personnel resources can be directed elsewhere when required. For public venues handling tens of thousands of people, this can be a huge help to security teams.

In addition to the other systems mentioned above, we also offer additional capabilities that can be applicable to certain customers. Our gunshot detection system is one of the most popular capabilities for public venues, providing real time data to security operations regarding location, direction and number of rounds discharged. Vehicle and asset monitoring is also popular for very large venues or places covering a large area where keeping track of stadium owned vehicles and property is important.