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Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement Tracking and Management

Today’s public safety and law enforcement world has never been more complex. There are ever increasing challenges and demands in response time and services, with limited personnel and equipment resources. Many departments have made the choice to move towards tracking and monitoring software to increase the efficiency, accountability and overall effectiveness of their public safety efforts. While these monitoring systems are usually quite effective on their own, they generally require the use of individual dashboards for each system and do not have the ability to be integrated into a single dashboard.

Omni-Response Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

Recognizing this need for an integrated system for law enforcement tracking and monitoring, Omni-Response offers systems integration to combine multiple tracking, monitoring and security capabilities into one common operational platform. This gives law enforcement dispatchers and decision makers a streamlined and easy to use dashboard that decreases response time and gives them the ability to respond more effectively to situations.

We offer a wide range of monitoring and tracking systems useful to law enforcement, including:

By far the most popular of our capabilities for law enforcement are the vehicle and personnel monitoring and tracking systems. These systems allow dispatchers and police commanders to manage personnel and vehicles in a coordinated response to situations and events in real time through the Omni dashboard. Personnel monitoring systems can track the location and status of first responders, including alerting dispatchers to “officer down” situations. Vehicle tracking and monitoring is useful to be able to tell the location, speed and operationation status of police and emergency vehicles – which helps commanders coordinate operational vehicles in crisis situations and events.

In addition to personnel and vehicle monitoring systems, our asset tracking capabilities increase law enforcement’s ability to keep track of equipment. This is important due to the often sensitive and expensive nature of police equipment, such as electronics, weapons, etc. These asset monitoring systems can be either active or passive depending on the department’s needs.