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Government Security & Monitoring

In today’s government security environment, there is an ever increasing need for systems integration and streamlining of protocols and processes. While a multitude of monitoring and facility security solutions exist on the market, most are stand alone systems that require the use of independent dashboards that do not interact with each other. This lack of integration creates inefficiencies and unnecessary complication that hampers effective decision making by government security directors and commanders.

Omni-Response Security & Monitoring Solutions for Government

Omni-Response offers a unique and effective solution for not only security and monitoring needs but also systems integration. Our single operational platform offers a simple yet effective dashboard that allows security operators to monitor and control multiple systems at once. Not only does this improve response time, it also acts as a force multiplier that takes operations that would require multiple individuals and consolidates it into a single operator. In addition to our own security and monitoring capabilities, our dashboard can integrate existing third party APIs to ensure a seamless transition to the Omni platform.

We offer multiple monitoring solutions and systems to fill every need of government and agency operations. These include things such as asset, vehicle, building and personnel monitoring, in addition to other systems such as drone detection and gunshot detection. These systems work together through our singular dashboard to give security decision makers the information they need to form clear situational awareness and formulate operational plans.

Law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels have found our platform to be particularly useful in improving response during crisis events and in gathering daily operational information for analysis. Military base security operations have also found the integration aspect to be of tremendous value to their daily operations, increasing effectiveness with limited personnel resources.