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Enterprise Security and Monitoring

Security operations in the enterprise world are always on the lookout for improved systems to assist them in keeping their facilities safe from threats and risk. Enterprise businesses often have considerable assets, facilities and numerous personnel which makes security, tracking, and monitoring a top priority. Most security and monitoring systems on the market today are standalone and do not integrate with other systems into a single dashboard. This can result in more than one system needing to be managed separately by multiple individuals, which can result in delayed and inefficient response times.

Omni-Response Enterprise Security & Monitoring

Omni-Response offers a comprehensive monitoring platform that offers a wide range of capabilities for enterprise security operations. What separates Omni response from the competition is our ability to integrate all of our monitoring systems as well as third party API into one common operational platform. This streamlines and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of security and monitoring operations, especially when used in large scale enterprise level businesses.

Our relevant monitoring capabilities include:

The most popular of these for enterprise level businesses are building monitoring, personnel monitoring and vehicle monitoring. This is largely due to the sheer number of personnel, facilities and vehicles associated with most enterprises. Building monitoring is especially popular considering the ever increasing threats and risks associated with buildings accessible to the public. As part of our building monitoring, we offer gunshot detection systems which can help security operators and first responders isolate any threats within the building or the immediate vicinity.

Personnel monitoring and vehicle monitoring capabilities are used primarily for location tracking in the event of an emergency, although the tracking information can also be used for efficiency and accountability purposes. Enterprise level businesses often have a large number of employees and vehicles, the keeping track of which is exceptionally difficult without a monitoring system. In addition to personnel and vehicles, physical assets such as equipment, large tools, etc can be actively or passively tracked via our asset tracking capabilities.