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DoD Monitoring and Security

Over the past decade, there has been an ever increasing need for facility security integration in the Department of Defense and other sub-agencies. Traditionally, security has been managed by a handful of different platforms that are required to be monitored separately. This generally requires multiple personnel to manage security command center operations properly, and adds unnecessary complexity to facility security.

Omni-Response Monitoring and Operations Solutions

Omni-Response offers a comprehensive solution to this by integrating multiple security, monitoring and tracking APIs into one common operational platform. This not only reduces the number of personnel required for security operations command centers, but also streamlines data and decreases response time.

We offer a wide range of monitoring and security solutions for DoD customers and base security operations, including:

Of particular interest to DoD customers is drone mitigation, as this has become an increasing issue for base and facility security in recent years. Omni’s drone detection system can detect and isolate unauthorized drones and UAVs from a distance. After a drone is detected, it can be remotely taken over and safely landed using the Omni dashboard.

Building monitoring systems are also an important area of DoD security, due to an increase in potential outside threats and unauthorized persons entering the secure facilities. Omni’s first rate building monitoring system integrates seamlessly with the Omni platform. This provides security professionals the ability to monitor and control access points, as well as coordinate personnel, asset and threat monitoring devices. Third party API can also be integrated into our building monitoring system and controlled through the Omni-Response dashboard.

In addition to building monitoring, Omni also offers asset, vehicle and personnel monitoring capabilities. This can be extremely useful as it allows base security operators to direct personnel and other assets in a coordinated response to a crisis or threat, all from our singular platform. This overall monitoring and response capability offers DoD operations a unique and powerful advantage in keeping their facilities safe and secure.