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Intellectual Property

Omni-Response has been issued one patent,
allowed one patent, and has two others pending:

  • Granted: USPTO Patent No. 10,791,437 (data transfer utilizing two-way radio transmission independent of or concurrent with other data transfer means);
  • Allowed: USPTO Application No. 16/243,468 (January 2018) (detection of discharge of projectile from firearm)¹
  • Pending: USPTO Application No. 16/513,738 (July 2018) (methods and systems for evaluating and transmitting combined external data from one or more sources to a central data portal for processing, storage, and visualization)²; and
  • Pending (continuation): USPTO Serial No. 17/037,084 (dynamic analysis and reconfiguration of concurrent data transfer means) (continuation of Patent No. 10,791,437).

¹ This application was “allowed” by the USPTO on January 19, 2021. The issue fee has been paid and patent counsel expects issuance of the patent in a few months.

² This application was subject to a “non-final rejection” issued by the USPTO on January 24, 2020 which was timely appealed. Our patent counsel informs us that a “non-final” rejection is a common initial response from the USPTO.

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Patent No.: US 10,791,437, B2