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Integration Capabilities

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Unique Telemetry Systems Integration Capabilities

Omni-Response integrates new and existing sensory technology onto a single common operational platform (COP) to provide critical data that’s delivered real-time for optimal situational awareness.

What Distinguishes Our Technology?

Most existing telemetry monitoring systems provide limited functionality to disparate platforms with “stovepipe” data streams. This data fragmentation compromises real-time awareness and increases risk related to personnel and resource security. Omni-Response has quickly and successfully integrated a number of different sensory technologies and hardware devices onto its common operational platform, providing Supervisory Management and Command Personnel visibility to multiple detection devices as well as location of assets downrange.

The Omni-Response solution acts as a “Force Multiplier” because it frees up personnel who would otherwise be monitoring disparate systems. Omni-Response is also fully integrated with the Android Tactical Awareness Kit (“ATAK”), which provides for sensory technology compatibility with DoD required situational awareness. As Omni-Response is an ATAK Developer, it can also integrate other technologies to ATAK.

Omni-Response’s unique systems integrations have involved complex technologies and the development of a Graphic User Interface (GUI) on a prompt-driven and user-friendly platform. Since Omni-Response employs strictly US based coders and engineers and does not outsource any of its coding, the company is both nimble and efficient in its integration capability. Unlike its competitors, Omni-Response can integrate technologies in weeks, as opposed to years.

Integration Examples

Listed below are partner technologies which have been integrated to the Omni Dashboard.

Drone Detection and Mitigation Device: An Israeli-manufactured cUAS detection and mitigation device was integrated by Omni-Response at the request of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in May 2020. Prior to this, CBP had been searching for an integrator of this device to free up personnel who had to monitor it downrange. The integration of this device was accomplished by Omni-Response within a matter of weeks after CBP’s request.
A CUAV Detection Device: Omni-Response integrated a Chinese-manufactured drone detection device pursuant to a request from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This device is operated by an onboard computer running Omni-Response proprietary software. This provides the full benefits and capabilities of the device while running secure American-made software. Omni-Response can also provide these devices as part of its service (as opposed to an acquisition of the device) if desired. The integration was completed in under two weeks.
Radiological Detection Devices: Omni has performed integration of both static and mobile radiological detection devices. This incredibly complex integration was desired by Department of Defense customers who required alerts to a COP which could be monitored in coordination with downrange security forces. This integration also comprehended a GUI with immediate alerting as to radiological events with source material distinction (i.e. industrial, weapons-grade). This integration was completed in a timespan of roughly six weeks.
Android Handheld and Smartwatch Devices: The integration of these devices has been ongoing (as a result of frequent updates) and provides for Workforce and Force Safety features utilizing the sensory capabilities in the devices (i.e., accelerometer and gyroscope). Features such as impact, man down, body orientation, live / recorded video and precise indoor/outdoor location tracking are pushed to the Omni COP via this product offering.
Microcell or Pico Cell Devices: Integration of the Omni-Response solution on a microcell or pico cell device allows for Force Safety features in remote environments. These devices create a “microcell” environment for Android handhelds and smartwatches to provide for Omni-Response functionality and communications for Teams operating outside of LTE connectivity.
High Throughput Radios: Omni-Response has integrated for the transmission of telemetry data over high throughput radios. Omni-Response’s capabilities (personnel, vehicle, radiological, CUAV monitoring / detection) can be pushed through such devices to LTE environments for situational awareness.
Surveillance and Helmet Cameras: Omni-Response has worked to seamlessly integrate the increasingly common use of helmet cameras into our COP. The integration of these devices is ongoing and provides Force Safety features utilizing their inherent video and live feed capabilities. The data from these cameras is pushed into the Omni-Response COP, providing dramatically increased situational and operational awareness for decision makers and commanders.