OmniFleetTrax is a Texas-based software solution provider offering a collection of state-of-the- art telemetry products customized to suit the specialized needs of our customers. Stated simply, we connect businesses of all types with the information they need most to make everyday decisions.

Established in 2014, OmniFleetTrax was formed to fill a void in the vehicle telemetry marketplace. At the time, there was no one solution available that would provide all needed data sources for accurately tracking and evaluating the performance of advanced alternative-fueled vehicles. Tired of piecemeal solutions, the OmniFleetTrax founders developed a modular platform to solve the immediate need of advanced vehicle system telemetry, and, in the process, ultimately solved the industry’s main deficiency--true customization and integration. The OmniFleetTrax platform has since evolved to meet the unique application needs for not only vehicle tracking, but personnel monitoring, asset tracking and building monitoring--all unified into a singular web-based portal.

The OmniFleetTrax platform is driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), to enable hardware with varying data transmission methods to come together to be seamlessly integrated into the customer’s web portal. This data can also be combined with the customer’s existing hardware and software infrastructure allowing for the maximization of an existing system’s capabilities without the significant expense of new hardware or software, and the related employee training. This customized integration results in a solution tailored to meet our customers’ exact needs.

The OmniFleetTrax platform is further differentiated in its use of 2-way radio communication as a means of telemetry data transfer. While competitor solutions rely exclusively on a cellular backbone, the OmniFleetTrax solution also provides for 2-way RF transmission for data transfer in areas where cellular coverage is poor or nonexistent. It also provides for redundancy if cellular communication is compromised. Remote monitoring, tracking and control is now possible for users in the most remote areas. Existing cellular-based applications are easily incorporated into existing RF networks, and the system can function as a stand-alone telemetry solution or in concert with a cellular-based system.

OmniFleetTrax is a comprehensive solution integrating the transmission of vital data—in real time—to one platform to provide decision makers with the best available information.

OmniFleetTrax targets its efforts to develop solutions for the following industries:

  • Transportation
  • Commercial and Industrial Fleets
  • Rental Fleets
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Hospitality
  • Fire, Police and Emergency Services (Public Sector)
  • Universities and Schools

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