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Cutting Edge Telemetry Systems Integration
Integrate your data and operations onto a single platform

Trusted By Government Agencies & Fortune 500 Enterprises

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All Your Operations On One Dashboard

Omni-Response offers a unique custom solution designed to easily integrate telemetry data with existing hardware/software onto a single common operational platform. Our systems integration technology is trusted by government agencies and fortune 500 enterprises throughout the country.

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Omni-Response Dashboard Features

  • Manual or voice activated
  • Immediate Notification to Appropriate Management / Command Personnel
  • Precise Location of Alert
  • Indoor/outdoor gunshot sound detection
  • Immediate notification of location, number of shots, rate of fire, distinguish between light & heavy caliber rounds to Police/Security
  • Immediate notification to State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies to enhance coordinated response
  • Patented method for detection on Android handheld devices
  • Body camera
  • Live or recorded video
  • Physical orientation
  • Man down/impact detection
  • Bluetooth connected sensors & communications
  • Location indoor & outdoor
  • Mobile to mobile to portal messaging
  • Radiological detection
  • Alerts
  • 2-way radio mesh capabilities
  • Wearables & biometric interface
  • Remote Vehicle Disablement
  • Vehicle Authorization
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Alerts
    • Speeding
    • Engine Faults
    • Out of Geofence
  • Engine Prognostics and Diagnostics
  • Reporting
    • Historical Tracking
  • Inventory
  • Active asset tracking
  • Passive asset tracking (in most cases at no additional cost)

Integration of All Safety / Threat Alerts to One Security Platform


Help alerts, shot detection & other threats immediately reported to one security command platform


Keep track of physical assets, vehicles and personnel on a single platform dashboard


Ability to effectively coordinate all on site security assets in real time to respond to detected threats & events​

Integration Solutions

About Our Common Operating Platform

Omni-Response is the telemetry industry’s long-awaited “common operating platform.” Our platform is based on modular architecture that can host any telemetry technology with an API and which facilitates the communication of data via all means of transmission: cellular, 2-way or mesh radio, satellite and wi-fi. Essentially, we have implemented the first “operating system” for telemetry. Our patented solutions give customers an unprecedented ability to materially improve data utilization for more profitable outcomes. Our platform provides users with a more adaptable, customizable, comprehensive and affordable options than any other technologies on the market.

Our platform/operating system is designed to easily integrate with existing technologies and is highly customizable for virtually any telemetry related need. We write and own our own software utilizing modular architecture which makes our system highly adaptable toward a customers’ changing needs without system-wide changes. Other telemetry solutions generally rely on third-party software which creates obstacles when implementing changes. These obstacles typically require expensive and time-consuming debugging and testing of entire software systems in order to diagnose and fix issues. In addition to technical issues, the utilization of third-party software often results in thorny licensing issues.

The Omni-Response system enables meaningful data communication from one machine to another (“M2M”). This communication maximizes efficiency, reduces error, saves costs and enhances safety for a wide range of applications both in the public and private sector. This includes meaningful data communication between personnel, buildings, locations, assets, and machines – all integrated onto one platform!