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Employee panic button, impact and man-down alerting. Comprehensive gunshot detection with immediate reporting to security decision makers.


Real-time monitoring of routine staff activities over the facility’s smart phone or existing radio net for maximum supervision efficiency.


Providing sensory of virtually any functions or items in a building.

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Midwest Product Launch of Omni-Response 2.0

Live Demonstration to Include the Following Functionality on a Kyocera DuraForce Pro 2 Phone:

  • Live Fire Gun Shot Detection / Active Shooter Alerts
  • Officer Distress / Impact / Man Down Detection and Alerts
  • Remote Vehicle Disablement and Theft Prevention
  • Radiological Detection and Alerts
  • Emergency Officer Support Streaming
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HITECH Minneapolis

HITEC Minneapolis

World's largest hospitality technology show that brings the brightest minds and hottest technology from around the world into one place. Leave with a clear vision of industry trends and best practices to help you determine what fits your company strategy.

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IACP Annual Conference

Join us in Chicago October 26-29, 2019 for the 126th International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference and Exposition. Since 1893, the IACP has been shaping the law enforcement profession. The IACP Annual Conference and Exposition has been the foundation, providing leaders with new strategies, techniques, and resources they need to successfully navigate the evolving policing environment.

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Personnel Monitoring

Save precious time, Save precious lives.

  • Fully Integratable and Customizable for the Most Cost Effective Solution
  • Man Down
  • Shot Sound Detection
  • Officer Shot (Impact)
  • Live Camera & IR Camera
  • Altitude
  • Emergency Alert (Panic Button or Volume Up/Down)
  • Light Level
  • Tank Levels
  • Heart Rate
  • Dangerous Gases
  • Connected Holster
  • Position (standing, laying down - front or back)
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Building Monitoring

State-Of-The-Art building monitoring solution providing users safer workforce management.

  • Shot Detection and Alerts
  • Employee Location
  • Smoke Detection and Alerts
  • HVAC Monitoring and Control
  • Door Barricade Lockdown System Integration
  • Door Open Alerts
  • Multimedia Connectivity
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Vehicle Monitoring

Cellular and Radio Connectivity. Shot Sound Detection.

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Lights and Siren Status
  • Weapons Lockdown and Status
  • 360 View Camera
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Inventory and Status
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University Campus and School Monitoring

OmniResponse Campus Security Product Features and Capabilities.

Help Alert / “Panic Button”

  • Manual or voice activation from cell phone
  • Immediate notification to Campus Police / Security
  • Location of student
  • Immediate notification to parents

Gun Shot Sound Detection

  • Internal / external gun shot sound detection
  • Immediate notification of location, number of shots, rate of fire, distinguishability between light and heavy caliber rounds to Campus Police / Security
  • Immediate notification to State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to enhance coordinated response

Integration of All Threat Alerts to One Security Platform

  • Help alerts, shot sound detection and other threat alerts all immediately reported to one security / command platform
  • Security asset tracking (vehicle and personnel) on same platform
  • On-site security command has the ability to effectively coordinate all on-site security assets in real time to respond to detected threats and events
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Integration & Customization

OmniResponse delivers a set of features customized for any school or university and can integrate its telemetry technology with each institution’s existing hardware, software and employee training protocols, minimizing start up and operational costs.

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